In Our Third Decade of Serving
The Needs of Central Maryland

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In Our Third Decade of Serving
The Needs of Central Maryland

Our Commitment is to Provide our Customers with the Highest Level of Quality Computer Services that no other computer company can Match!

Here's what our customers are saying about us!

Mike Grayson, COO – Paradigm-V

We suffered a significant crisis that severely impacted our business operations. Ultimately, the crisis led to our losing of all network connectivity, and loss of all our mission critical servers and network applications. CES got us back up and running within hours, which was a amazing given our situation. Now, we will partner with CES to have a more standardized network setup that’s fault tolerant, and has built-in redundancy and failover.

Deputy Director of Information Technology, County Government in Maryland

As a SANS Technology partner, Computer Enhancement Systems (CES), had a solid understanding of the issues involved and immediately recommended the Syneto storage solution. After a smooth purchase, delivery and installation process, the Deputy Director described Syneto as the “right solution and the right time.” With the help of SANS Technology and CES’ support, the County‘s storage is now up and running better than ever. “After 15 years in the industry, Syneto is by far the easiest solution to configure and implement,” the Deputy Director states. He has experience with solutions like HP and VMWare, but with Syneto’s speed and performance, the moderate entry cost, and the low ongoing maintenance costs, the Syneto solution far exceeds any product he has seen. “Unlike the VSAN product, I haven’t had to touch the Syneto solution once after implementation.” The Maryland-based County Government is utilizing Syneto’s HA Cluster solution, and the Deputy Director of IT lists the ease of use and the performance statistics as significant competitive advantages.

Stephen Tate, Founder/Chairman, BCT LLC V/R

CES says what they will do and then does it! We really like CES’ Owner ( Richard Robertson) contributing to this community with his personal involvement. It’s great to see people in the Frederick Business Community actively supporting programs like “Boys and Girls Club” with their Time, Talent, & Resources. CES is a credit to their profession.

Dr. Myron L. Cramer, CTO BCT LLC

CES is a great partner for our business and has quickly made major contributions to our IT operations. Through their initial efforts, they enabled key elements of our modernization projects allowing them to proceed while delivering reliable sustainment support.

Susan M. Manherz

Thanks Rich, you guys always do a top-notch job. I really appreciate the “we will take care of it” attitude from all of your staff, very comforting for “challenged” people like myself.