In Our Third Decade of Serving
Engineering, Financial, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Companies

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In Our Third Decade of Serving
Engineering, Financial, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Companies

CES can distribute, install, and manage Enterprise Data-Storage Solutions for organizations of any size.

CES strongly recommends a hyper-convergence solution for organizations requiring high-volume data storage and access, as well as those required to adhear to strict government/industry regulations or compliance laws. In five years, if Microsoft discontinues support on one or more of its operating systems, many organizations will be forced to purchase expensive new hardware due to their current server-system acting as a production server or the system in place not being powerful enough for the addition of new virtual machines. In this scenario, CES proposes to install the newer operating system on a SSN (Server/Storage/Network) device. With this solution in place, multiple servers may be installed independently while the data locations remain the same. 'Hyper-Convergence' is an advanced system that combines the functions of servers, storage-devices and networking systems into a single server unit. This technology dramatically simplifies the local infrastructure stack, resulting in improved effeciency, higher reliability & data-integrity, and reduced long-term cost.

Servers + Storage + Network
sans device

SANs, or Storage Area Networks, are local-area networks designed specifically for high-volume data transfers and extensive sets of data storage pools. Data is undeniably the most important asset to any business in the modern Information Age. No matter how small or how vast your business is, you need access to vital data that is fast, efficient, consolidated, reliable, and scalable. On a routine basis, you may need to access your organization's key data sets in order to retrieve & update customer information, generate significant documents, view product inventory, or even to complete day-to-day transactions. SAN systems can provide for not only the regularly-growing storage needs of your organization, but also the need to access that information rapidly and precisely while maintaining integrity by keeping a seperate copy of your data in-sync with the set currently in use.

Features of Hyper-Convergence Technology
Live Expansion
Forget about downtime and the lost profits that come with it, add storage as you need it, anytime, even while your data network is in production.
High Scalability
Invest in the future of your organization. Don't worry about running out of space, data pools have theoretical limits of 300 million petabytes.
Data Integrity
256-bit Checksums are performed to eliminate data-corruption, driver errors, and protect against human errors such as accidental overwrites.
Fast Recovery
Thousands of businesses every year are forced to file for bankruptcy after suffering from a data-comprimising disaster, a SAN solution can easily be implemented to your Disaster Recovery Plan.
Hybrid Acceleration
Frequently accessed data is kept in NVRAM cache layers or on flash disk to boost performance which you'll see as an increase your productivity.
Software RAID
Hardware RAID controllers used to be expensive. Software RAID can be used with your SAN Technology solution to ensure high levels of redundancy.

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