In Our Third Decade of Serving
The Needs of Central Maryland

Systems | Data | Security | Connectivity

In Our Third Decade of Serving
The Needs of Central Maryland

CES will ensure that your home or business stays connected
and remains secure.

CES specializes in connecting office networks to the Internet and inner office network designs. Our mobile service units can service your office needs on location, usually within one hour of your call. Our Network Engineers (CCNE) can ensure your network connections are secure.

CES Reviews
Your Business Needs

CES will gain an in-depth knowledge of your existing business processes, such as accounting, faxing, documentation preparation, and so forth, and you're considering for new or updated technology based solutions. Primary objectives are determined, and secondary needs are prioritized. During this stage we discuss with you and demonstrate the feasibility of implementing certain technology applications to solve your business problems.

One of our highly trained CCENT & CCNA certified network technicians will meet with you personally to discuss your needs for connecting your home or office. From interconnecting hundreds of workstations, dozens of printers, several routers, and a few servers in a complex business network, to ensuring a strong, reliable WiFi connection throughout your home, CES can design, install, upgrade, and service all of your networking needs.

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