CES Computer Enhancement Systems

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Your Network to Quality IT Service

Computer Enhancement Systems, Inc. (CES) is committed to providing the highest level of quality IT service and leading-edge information technology solutions to meet any business needs. Here is how CES has transformed our clients IT infrastructure:

  •         By cutting our clients IT staffing expense by 70% - verification available.

  •         By implementing tech support response time within an average of 5 minutes – 1-minute goal.

  •         By resolving average support ticket within 18 minutes.

  •         CES closes over 6000 service tickets a year.

All of the above statements can be verified. Response time is a bona fide CES engineer accessing the client computer system for service NOT an admin staff person calling to inform the user that a ticket is being processed. 30 minute or 2 hour or even 24 hour response time is NOT CES-IT-Service response time. That is unacceptable!