In Our Third Decade of Serving
Engineering, Financial, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Companies

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In Our Third Decade of Serving
Engineering, Financial, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Companies

Technicians with multiple globally recognized certifications ensure the problem is solved, the first time.

Our A+ certified staff of technicians can repair, build and diagnose your computer system needs. With multiple mobile service units we can service your needs at your location the same day, usually within one hour of your call. Our CNE certified engineers can troubleshoot and manage your network needs as well.

Bring your system to our service center for a Full CES Diagnostics!
We will tell you what repairs your system needs, if any, as well as recommendations for replacing or upgrading if necessary!

When a computer system is brought into Computer Enhancement Systems, a full diagnostic procedure will be performed on that system. The following is an example of the type of trouble shooting and diagnostics procedure that would be performed:

CES Diagnostics include:
  Cleaning the system w/compressed air, removing dust, dirt and lint from the fans (CPU & power supply). Test the Memory in the Advance Memory Tester. The memory tester tested for Voltage Cycling at levels from 3.0V to 3.6V, Mode Analysis test, Voltage bounce test (which repeatedly reads and writes to the module while the voltage is bounced form the upper to lower extremes), cell interference test, Relative Refresh and Relative Spikes test, and Extensive Chip Heat Mode test. Install diagnostic interrupt card and check for voltage, Interrupt, and DMA channel issues. Run virus scan, checked drive partition and run hard drive utilities (scandisk & defrag) and hard drive controller level diagnostics looking for ECC errors.

(Residential or outside of Frederick service times may vary.)
Saturday on-site service available by appointment only.

Service and Repair:

On-site Computer Repair
Within 1 Hour

Network Management
With equipment that performs network analyzation.

Forensics & Data Recovery
Certified as an expert witness in Frederick County Circuit Court.